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법인 콘텐츠(본문) 영역

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  • 2000년대 Strengthening industrial competitiveness through the development of a skilled workforce in new growth driver industries and convergence industries
  • 2016. 03.

    Opened Technological Convergence Training Center

  • 2012. 03.

    Opened Dasom School

  • 2008. 03.

    Changed corporation name to Korea Polytechnics

  • 2006. 03.

    Launched Korea Polytechnics
    ※ Integration of 24 technical colleges and 19 vocational schools

  • 2006. 03.

    Opened the Korea Polytechnics Bio Campus

  • 1990년도 Contributed to overcoming IMF crisis and challenges of industrial restructuring by training multifunctional technicians
  • 1998. 02.

    Established Technical College Corporation

  • 1997. 12.

    Amendment of the Polytechnic College Act
    ※ Industrial Associate’s Degree offered to graduates of multifunctional technician courses

  • 1970년대 Contributed to economic growth by training manufacture-oriented workforce
  • 1980. 02.

    Opened Changwon Technical College (currently, Korea Polytechnics VII)

  • 1977. 07.

    Enacted Polytechnic College Act and Enforcement Ordinance

  • 1973. 02.

    Opened Seoul Jungsoo Vocational Training Institute (currently, Korea Polytechnics I)

  • 1960년대 Established the basis for vocational training program development in Korea through foreign investments and support
  • 1968. 06.

    Opened Joongang Vocational Training Institute (currently, Korea Polytechnics II)