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Charming Polytec

Charming Polytec

What is Charming Polytec?
  • A portmanteau between the word ‘charming’ and the character 人 for human, “Charming Polytech” shows our dedication to holistic education that encompasses skills, basic knowledge, and character.
  • A character development process unique to KOPO, “Charming Polytech” is a mechanism comprised of a continuum between admission and graduation from KOPO, including the character development programs.
  • We offer stage-based systemic management and development of student experiences, accentuated by increased contact with faculty members, to provide character development demanded by our corporate partners.
Charming Polytec Road Map
1st Semester, 1st Year: Self-recognition, 2nd Semester, 1st Year: Career search and plan, 1st Semester, 2nd Year: CDP management, 2nd Semester, 2nd Year: Enhanced capabilities for employment 참人폴리텍 로드맵 1학년1학기 자기인식 1학년2학기 진로탐색&설계 2학년1학기 CDP관리 2학년2학기 취업역량강화
Characteristics of Charming Polytech
  • All students are required to prepare employment and professional development plans.
  • Academics (Charming Polytech) + nonacademic (training camps, employment portfolio competitions, etc.) + self-directed program (challenge contests, reading, community service, student groups, etc.)
  • Each college operates character coordinators who take charge of leadership development, character education, management, and planning of the Charming Polytech programs.
  • Each college develops their own stage-based Charming Polytech models in order to derive the best form of practice.
  • Mileage benefits may be used to ensure the self-directedness of the program.