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Management Disclosure

Management Disclosure

What is Management Disclosure?

Management disclosure is designed to provide major administrative and management information to our customers to ensure the accountability and customer participation in our management process, thereby increasing the quality of our service to our customers.

How can I access the disclosed materials?
  • Through the college’s Web page (www.kopo.ac.kr) or MOSF’s All Public Information In-One system (www.alio.go.kr)
  • Through a personal visit
  • Through an information disclosure request in this Web page
Responsible Officers for Management Disclosure
  • Noh Byeong-sang director - TEL : 032-650-6760 / FAX : 032-650-6769
  • Lee Yong-gyeong assistant manager - TEL : 032-650-6765 / FAX: 032-650-6769