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한국폴리텍대학 전국 캠퍼스 지도
  • Specialized campus
  • Traning Center
  • New Technology T.C
  • Alternative technical high school
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법인 콘텐츠(본문) 영역

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Civil Complaints

민원광장 배너이미지 민원광장 배너이미지

We shall listen attentively to even the smallest complaints.

This page is designed to provide a medium for complaints or suggestions regarding breach of rights or interests, requests, or conflict resolution regarding KOPO’s administrative work.

Complaint processing

All complaints will be processed within 7 days from reception, in case of general inquiries, and within 14 days, for legal inquiries, conflict resolution, or requests.

  • Please use the phone line for general inquiries, and please direct matters pertaining to suggestions, information disclosure requests, and corruption reports (Clean Report Center) to the respective boards.
  • Posts with libelous or slanderous contents, sexual contents, advertisements, and jokes may be deleted without notice.