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한국폴리텍대학 전국 캠퍼스 지도
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  • Traning Center
  • New Technology T.C
  • Alternative technical high school
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법인 콘텐츠(본문) 영역

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Types of Scholarships

KOPO offers a wide variety of scholarship programs, ranging from achievement-based internal scholarship programs to external scholarships and from scholarship foundations to corporate partners.

Types of Scholarships

CEO’s Scholarship, Academic Achievement Scholarship, Veterans’ and North Korean Refugees’ Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Social Welfare Scholarship, and Labor Scholarship

List of Scholarships
Award Types Qualification Period and Amount Notes
Tuition CEO’s
First-placer in entrance application scores, per Admissions fee and 2 years of full tuition  
Academic Achievement Scholarship First-placer in entrance application scores, per department (for both day and night classes) Admissions fee and 1 year of full tuition  
High GPA achievers in the previous semester, per department (Number determined by the number of classes in the department) Full tuition for 1 semester Freshmen will be eligible from the 2nd semester onward
Veterans’ and North Korean Refugees’ Scholarship Eligible students according to the veteran’s affairs legislation Admissions fee and the remaining amount of the tuition for the semester after deduction from scholarships given according to the relevant legislation Total scholarship = Admissions fee and tuition for the semester - Scholarships from relevant agencies
Eligible North Korean refugees " "
Merit Scholarship Student Association executive members and contributors to the school’s development who are deemed eligible for the scholarship Full tuition for the semester(Barring special cases, usually given for the entire year) Recipients determined by each within the budget limit (Merit Scholarships, Social Welfare Scholarships)
Social Welfare Scholarship Those with significant financial difficulties Full tuition for the semester
Labor Scholarship Registered students who provide a certain amount of work toward college administration Awarded without installments in set amounts within the tuition for the semester